the  Holistic
Perinatal Consultant Program

Learn to provide support from pre-conception through pregnancy and postpartum, and bridge the critical gap between primary care providers and what women and birthing people really need.

Cohort program begins September 6, 2023

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Are you a Doula or  Wellness Practitioner?


Have you been frustrated by the lack of support you can provide birthing people, knowing their OB or Midwife can't give them everything they need either?

Do you want to make a huge difference in their lives and health as someone who knows how critical the perinatal time is?

Become a Holistic

Perinatal Consultant

Your mission in this program, is to learn to support women & birthing people from pre-conception through pregnancy and postpartum, and bridge the critical gap between primary care providers and what women really need.

Not about knowledge for knowledge sake...

Learn to support your clients while creating tools, both physical and digital, that will help you get started in your consulting business right away.

No more leaving a program wondering what on earth to do with your new knowledge...

We support you in learning and in translating knowledge into skills and practice.

We deserve better care.
At every stage.

Right from the effort to become pregnant, a holistic perinatal consultant can help support overall health & identify underlying imbalances. Early preparation and focus on pre-conception health is clinically proven to lead to healthier pregnancies and healthier moms and babies with less interventions.

During pregnancy, holistic care including tailored diet, supplementation and natural support for discomforts leads to happier, healthier pregnancies - also with less interventions.

Postpartum support from a trained holistic consultant helps birthing people prepare in the best possible way for the specific demands of postpartum healing and thriving. 

About the Program

Program Dates

  •  Sign up early and get access to Module 1 early! You'll be glad you did :)
  • Our kick off call is August 30, 2023
  •  Content is dripped out weekly every week except for break weeks (we reserve those weeks for rest and catchup, so there are no calls or new content)
  • Program goes through mid February 2024


Live Calls

Every Wednesday, except break weeks, 2 hours beginning at 9:00am Pacific / 10:00am Mountain / 12:00pm Eastern
*Be sure to convert the time for your time zone!


We believe diversity in training leads to wider availability of the perinatal services we feel every family has a right to. We provide these diversity and need-based scholarships in order to make this work available in more communities!

The number of partial scholarships we offer for each cohort is based on the number of paying students per cohort. Please know that whatever our decision - we value your contribution to this work and your circumstances. We are simply unable to offer scholarships to all who request them.

Module One

Holistic Foundations

  • Say hello to the foundation of Ayurveda as our core medicine system and lens in this program. 
  •  Enjoy instruction in simple Natural Therapeutic principles, including homeopathy.
  • Learn how to apply the work to perinatal wellness. Whether you’re new to these systems or already have some training, you’ve likely never experienced them in this focused way.
  • You’ll be supported in gaining the skills to guide your clients in maintaining wellness, as well as simple assessment and recommendations you can offer when issues arise.
  • Learn to become super effective in applying Ayurveda, by practicing first on yourself, so you can fully digest the information and walk your talk. 

Module Two

Hormonal Health, Fertility & Conception

  • Learn about female hormones and the menstrual cycle as 5th vital sign, so you can assist women in optimizing their cycles and hormones.
  • Learn how to support male hormonal health
  • We’ll revisit how the human constitution is formed and you’ll learn which factors you can use to support clients, and how, so you’ll be able to lead your clients through traditional and modern protocols for conceiving a healthy baby.
  • We touch upon ART as well, and how you can support parents utilizing these reproductive supports.

Module Three

Pregnancy, Labor, Birth & Loss

  • Learn to lead your clients through pregnancy, trimester by trimester, in your role as holistic adjunct to their primary caregiver.
  • Learn exactly what nourishes mother and baby at each stage drawing upon Ayurvedic recommendations and how to troubleshoot common discomforts using our holistic toolbox and tried and tested principles.
  • Learn to navigate common test outcomes in order to support your clients.
  • Receive a primer on labor and birth, so you can be an excellent support, should you be present at this pivotal event in your clients’ lives.
  • We’ll discuss pregnancy loss and how to support your clients based on their needs, so you can be a truly full-spectrum consultant if you so choose.

Module Four

Postpartum: 40 Days for 40 Years

  • This is THE area where our skills are most needed and have the biggest potential for immense change in the lives of new parents.
  • You’ll learn how to care for mother / birthing parent primarily, which gives baby the most natural support possible. We'll move from the golden hour after birth, through the powerful sacred window of the first six weeks, and beyond, showing you how to care for mother, baby and family. 
  • Ayurveda and many of the world’s cultures teach us that the first 40 days postpartum shape our health for the next 40 years of our lives!
  • You’ll learn to teach and support women in how to not only heal well, but use this malleable time to improve health and become the vibrant, present, pivotal centers of the family they are.
    As the saying goes, “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

Module Five

Bringing it All Together

  • Bring together all that you’ve learned and discover together what it means to be a holistic perinatal consultant and how you can move forward with your new consulting business - something that’s a full expression of your unique offering to the world paired with the training you’ve just received. We give our take on getting rolling with business based on our experiences being self employed for decades, and together we discuss ways to create a healthy relationship with money and to get your business and name out into the world and into the hands of those that want your services.
  • To complete this program, you will present a case study and demonstrate how you will use your toolset moving forward.
  • We’ll end with a live virtual gathering, blessing and celebration to send you out into the world as a changemaker in the future of perinatal health & caregiving.

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Full Payment


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  • Bonus! Get early access to the curriculum & get a head start - great for those who want more time or who are new to Ayurveda
  • Weekly Live Zoom calls with your intimate course community, Sunny, Rebeka & special guests
  • Online access to your private group program portal - recorded content will be delivered there for you each week
  • Private community discussion portal - no Facebook groups!

Payment Plan


10 payments over 10 months - most flexibility

  • $283/mo $212/mo for a limited time
  • Bonus! Get early access to the curriculum & get a head start - great for those who want more time or who are new to Ayurveda
  • Weekly Live Zoom calls with your intimate course community, Sunny, Rebeka & special guest teachers
  • Online access to your private group program portal - recorded content will be delivered there for you each week
  • Private community discussion portal - no Facebook groups


We understand these are challenging times, and you need to feel like you're making a good investment. We also want you to be completely invested in this program, so we offer a money-back guarantee.
If you aren't thrilled with the Holistic Perinatal Consultant Program after the first week, just email us with the subject “I’m not satisfied with the Holistic Perinatal Consultant Program" by the deadline of Tuesday, September 5th at midnight, and we’ll issue you a full refund, minus a registration fee of $195. Please note that after the first week, no refunds are possible, however you may gift or sell your spot to another.


This is a training program like no other. Blending Ayurveda, Homeopathy, midwifery &natural therapeutics, this school empowers practitioners with skills to support pregnant people and their families through life's greatest transformation. I learned how to support folks physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I learned how to construct a coherent intake form. I built a cohort of peers. I would recommend this program to anyone who is passionate about serving women and pregnant families.


This has been one of the most comprehensive trainings I've attended. I am so grateful to have been part of the first cohort learning alongside my fellow students and the expertise taught by Rebeka, Sunny and all the wonderful guests. This is for anyone who has the desire to deepen their understanding of holistic principles for the entire perinatal window, and learn an insightful approach to support women, and families in a way that preserves the sanctity of this beautiful cycle of life.
Thank you!


The Holistic Perinatal Consultant program with Sunny and Rebeka was an amazing experience. The delivery of prerecorded classes and live zoom sessions offered a great mixture of learning opportunities. I entered this program as a birth doula, and now I am leaving this program feeling like I am capable of supporting women all throughout their journey in a holistic way. This program has given me the tools so that I can create deeper more meaningful impacts on the women in my community. As a plus point, it also reminded me of the importance of self-care in my own life and my own perinatal health.

Lead Instructors

Sunny Rose Healey

Ayurveda and holistic medicine have been my passion for more than 20 years. I've been in private holistic healthcare practice and have been teaching for 13+ years.  My passion is women's holistic health in general, and especially in the perinatal period.
My first formal study of Ayurveda began in 2006 when I met my dear teacher Vaidya / Dr. Vasant Lad. I studied with him for several years and was on faculty at the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, NM for 9 years. I received a diploma in Holistic Midwifery from La Matrona, and attended births for 2 years before giving birth to my youngest child, and deciding the on-call life isn't for me while my children are very young. I've been supporting women and families in holistic primary care and teaching a course called Ayurveda for Women. I was inspired to found the School of Holistic Perinatal Wisdom based on witnessing the profound and very real unmet needs in the perinatal window. Most importantly, I'm "Mama" to 2 children, 10 chickens and two dogs in Northern New Mexico, on Tiwa and Tewa land.

Rebeka Rose

I have provided birth and postpartum support since 2004, in birth centers, home and hospital settings. I have been a Licensed Midwife since 2009.

I've worked in the bodywork field for over 20 years, both as a school based instructor and independent therapist, specializing in Core Synchronism, massage, and Cranial Sacral therapy in Prenatal and Postpartum care. I was on faculty at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics as instructor of flower essences, homeopathy, living foods and perinatal bodywork for well over a decade. I'm also a colon hydrotherapist. I love gardening and making soap, and own Vital Soapworks, a micro batch soap company. Most importantly, I'm the mother of a beautiful 8 year old boy. We currently live in New York state.


Jessica Frechette-Gutfreund

LM, CPM, IBCLC, MSM  (all pronouns)

I am a white non-binary trans person born and raised in Cincinnati OH. My work life has emerged at the intersections of social justice, healing work and anti-racism practice. Midwifery brought me to rural New Mexico and has kept me here for much longer than I initially expected. I live in Tiwa and Tewa country and have been influenced and mentored immeasurably by the communities of Northern NM that have taken me in and offered me a place to learn, collaborate, grow and become so much of the person I am today. I have been a licensed midwife since 2009 and accompanied hundreds of families in the process of giving birth. I earned a Master’s degree in Midwifery from the National college of Midwifery in 2014.  I continue to be invested in the work of disassembling structural barriers to effective community birth models that serve low income communities of color and populations deprioritized by current health systems. Queer family has also rooted me in this geography, where I am grateful to be accompanied by chosen family members and raise my 2 children in community with folks who are doing the work of living our liberation politics through the relentless joy and exhaustion of parenting.

Stacey Ramsower

I am a full-spectrum doula, Somatic Sex Educator, Clinical Psychology student, and, most importantly, a mother of two.

I've been teaching yoga since 2005 and I'm passionate about the innate brilliance and healing capability of women’s bodies.
I'm a graduate of the School of Holistic Perinatal Wisdom's first Holistic Perinatal Consultant Program.
You can learn more about me at

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